“I have hired Poloni & Associates for my trust and three corporations.  Darci and her staff are efficient, professional and thorough.  When Darci gives advice you know it is with your best interest at heart.  She truly is a professional.”
– Mary Marriott
Owner, Just Ask Mary

“Facing a very serious surgery with only a few days notice, I panicked when I realized that I had “nothing in order” for my family should something happen to me.  I called Darci who met with me, at my home, the next day.  By the time I went in for my surgery “everything was in order” and I was able to face my challenge without additional worry. Darci’s compassion, warmth and understanding, at a very difficult and stressful time is something that will have an everlasting impression on me.  I value our professional relationship, but even more, I am honored to call her my friend.”
– JoAnne Osuch

“When it comes to corporate advice or estate planning assistance, there is just no one better than Darci Poloni!  We feel very confident that anyone, who like us, retains her will find she personally handles each client with the utmost attention to detail and in a very professional manner.  We highly recommend Darci Poloni!”
– Mark and Diana Corazzi