Did You Know That…

If you have a Will, you are guaranteeing that your property will pass through probate before your loved ones receive it?

The average cost of probate is 9% of your assets?  Wouldn’t you rather your family receive this money?

Probate takes approximately 18-24 months, which means that your loved ones will have to wait up to 2 years to receive the inheritance you leave them?

Estate planning is for anyone with assets worth $20,000 or more?

By creating a living trust, you may avoid estate taxes completely?

A Trust keeps your property out of probate and gives you complete control over your assets?

Life insurance proceeds are part of your taxable estate?  By setting up an ILIT – irrevocable life insurance trust – you may eliminate federal estate taxes on your life insurance policies?  On a one million dollar life insurance policy, your heirs could save $500,000 in taxes?

At your death, whoever you have named in your Living Trust will immediately take control of your assets and distribute them according to your exact instructions?  There is no waiting period required.